B-nasty is a pioneer brand in area of elegant controversy. Being a pastiche of popular trends it breaks the stereotypes. It’s all in one – funny, interesting, brave, outrageous and silly. It has the advantage to make a sophisticated statement. It can be your favourite brand simply out of spite. Or because you want to do something that has never been done before. Something deliberating after you abandon conventionality. Plain concept triggering a whole spectrum of emotions.

B-nasty dares to put something different to the market. It raises an objection against mainstream by presenting unique idea of combining classic forms with extremely surprising essence. It’s designed for women that value their femininity and feel secure about it. And for those who are simply tired of pretending someone they’re not.

B-nasty is a partnership between an architect and a designer. Their passion for innovation pushed them to create new fields of their activity. A controversial fashion and jewellery brand was born from observation, sense of humour and imagination. For the first time an embarrassing subject has been presented in such a positive, soft and cheerful way.

B-nasty designs reach for simplicity and clear message. It was possible to achieve by designers experienced with architecture, three-dimensional forms and courageous concepts. All that combined with fine craft of the producer results in smooth aesthetics of the product that can be considered as a modern artefact. B-nasty is designed for fun, to make fun of pretentiousness in our life, but most of all it’s created to give fun to its customers. B-nasty will spread its product range and amount of fun to give away.